About Count Me In Too!

COUNT ME IN TOO! - VET for people with disabilities through cultural institutions (CMI2) is funded by the European Union within the ERASMUS PLUS Programme and runs between 01.09.2015 and 31.08.2017. The CMI2 team are developing an ultra-simple app creation tool that will enable vocational training professionals, managers, coaches etc to create simple task-based training apps for employees and trainees with learning disabilities. The apps aim to empower workers to complete given tasks more independently. The App Generator will be accompanied by instructional videos and each app by educational trainining notes for the trainer.

CMI2 originates in the belief that no European citizen should be discriminated against in training or employment. The project is necessary because it includes people who are disadvantaged because of certain physical, social and individual learning disabilities. Work placements and VET in the sector of arts and culture are considered a vital way of gaining experience in different areas, and they play a central role in increasing employability. Based on the needs analysis and experiences of previous projects and studies, the partners in CMI2 want to open up to a new understanding of educating these particular groups with the aim of finding a place for them in the world of work. This is relevant in all EU countries. The project will develop an ultra-simple app creation tool that will enable managers, supervisors, mentors and job coaches to create simple ‘task based apps’ that will empower workers and trainees with learning disabilities to work more independently. There will be an instructional video and handbook for the tool . The apps will help people with learning disabilities to work their way through such job related tasks as Ready to go to work - hygiene dressing smartly; Basic Spelling; Basic Maths; Handicrafts - Making a puppet, candlestick or birdhouse or Social Competences, how to greet visitors / customers.

It will be tested and used by each partner organisation with guidelines on the ways to integrate the app into the workplace.The project will also extend the CMI training material by offering versions in Polish, German and Hungarian. By combining the newly designed app creation tool with the already established VETPRO training courses and eLearning material, we will increase the usability and accessibility in many more EU countries.
The outcomes of the program are:

  1. A training app generator allowing VETPROS and employers to generate simple training apps for people with disabilities.
  2. The generator will be used to create the 8 training apps suitable for people with Autism, Down's syndrome and people with other disabilities
  3. A set of training notes and training video on how to use the app generator
  4. Expansions of a needs analysis and a good practice review with new examples and translated to each partner language
  5. A publication with examples of innovative methodologies
  6. Adaption of an l.T training course with modules on using the app generator
  7. Cross-sector cooperation between VET and the learning disabilities and cultural sectors
  8. An OER platform