e-Learning Studios

e-Learning Studios

We provide the learning technology solutions our clients need for modern workplace learning - in whatever combination, and on whatever scale they, and their learners require. Our bespoke creations are founded in instructional design pedagogies, design theories, and an understanding of human-computer interactions. It is of utmost importance to us that learning technology is an aide, and not a barrier to the learners, and we are passionate about harnessing the best of technology for learning. Using our in-house team of dedicated, and honestly, inspiring people, we create bespoke learning solutions which can be made up of a blend of 3D/2D animations, branching stories, game-like interactions, videos, simulations, serious games, virtual reality learning simulations and launch them on desktops, tablets, mobile platforms, or in Learner Management Systems.

Website: http://www.e-learningstudios.com

Email: info@e-learningstudios.com

Contact: Matt Smith

Telephone: +442476525550