GAIA Museum Outsider Art

GAIA Museum Outsider Art

GAIA Museum is a museum for outsider art. As a cultural organisation GAIA Museum’s primary objective is to provide cultural experiences, knowledge and education for the general public. The museum has 3 to 4 special exhibitions a year and a permanent collection that show the broadness of art by national and international artists with learning disabilities and mental health problems. GAIA is also secretariat of the European Outsider Art Association. Within the framework of the museum there are different divisions that run as sheltered places of employment for people with special needs - this includes a busy lunch café, a framing workshop, a media team, a museum shop, different workshops producing and developing designs and goods for the museum shop and companies in all of Denmark. Furthermore, the museum provides vocational education and training (VET) for young adults with learning disabilities – in visual arts, media studies and general subjects such as hospitality, kitchen work and cleaning. As a whole the museum aims to encourage society and the general cultural public to acknowledge and embrace diversity. It is essential that we practice this in all aspects, not only by exhibiting art works by people 'differing from normality' but also by making it possible for these particular groups to work for and be a part of a cultural environment.



Contact: Anna Noe Bovin

Telephone: +4520478832